Introduction To Tourism Transport
Tajuk : Introduction To Tourism Transport
Penulis : Gross, Sven and Klemmer, Louisa
Penerbit : CABI
Tahun Penerbitan : 2014
Rumusan : Transport is an inherent part of tourism; whether as a functional means of transportation, such as between origin and destination or within the destination; or as a key element of the holiday experience itself, as in cruising or traveling along scenic or historic routes. This book provides the necessary background information to gain a comprehensive understanding of transportation markets, with each of the three modes of transportation – air, ground and marine – explored in detail. Each section includes definitions, the historical development of the market and international institutional frameworks, with case studies, learning objectives and study questions incorporated to facilitate an active learning process.
Nombor Panggilan : 388.042 GRO
ISBN : 9781780642147
Lokasi : Aras 3, Anjung Bestari, Koleksi Luar Negara, Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia


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