Broadcasting Buildings
Tajuk : Broadcasting Buildings
Penulis : Yusaf, Shundana
Penerbit : The MIT Press
Tahun Penerbitan : 2014
Rumusan : In the years between the world wars, millions of people heard the world through a box on the dresser. In Britain, radio listeners relied on the British Broadcasting Corporation for information on everything from interior decoration to Hitler’s rise to power. One subject covered regularly on the wireless was architecture and the built environment. Between 1927 and 1945, the BBC aired more than six hundred programs on this topic, published a similar number of articles in its magazine, The Listener, and sponsored several traveling exhibitions. In this book, Shundana Yusaf examines the ways that broadcasting placed architecture at the heart of debates on democracy.
Nombor Panggilan : 720.108 YUS
ISBN : 9780262026741
Lokasi : Aras 3, Anjung Bestari, Koleksi Luar Negara, Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia


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