Great Investment Ideas  
Tajuk : Great Investment Ideas
Penulis : William T Ziemba
Tahun Penerbitan : 2017
Rumusan : Great Investment Ideas is a collection of articles published in the Journal of Portfolio Management from 1993 to 2015. The book contains useful ideas for investment management and trading and discusses the methods, results and evaluation of great investors. It also covers important topics such as the effect of errors in means, variances and co-variances in portfolio selection problems, stock market crashes and stock market anomalies, portfolio theory and practice, evaluation theory, etc. This book is a must-have publication for investors and financial experts, researchers and graduate students in finance.
Nombor Panggilan : 332.6 ZIE
Lokasi : Aras 3, Anjung Bestari, Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia

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