Bed & Breakfast In China

Tajuk : Bed & Breakfast In China
No. Panggilan : 613.25 REC  
Lokasi : Level 3, Anjung Bestari, National Library Of Malaysia
Rumusan : Bed-and-Breakfast in China is a compilation of 28 architectural projects focused on Chinese rustic boutique hotels that embody the concept behind China's bed-and-breakfast lifestyle. The hotel projects included in this book were designed and built in different locations, including the countryside, suburbs, and within urban environments―yet all feature the non-standard lifestyle to which their guests are accustomed―the feeling of being at home despite being in a different or unfamiliar physical location. Each of the 28 projects detailed include high quality photos and narratives that tell the story behind each project. Perfect for both practical and technical reference, as well as for anyone with an appreciation for architecture or the arts.  

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