Disasters In Malaysia :Tomorrow is a Mystery

Tajuk : Disasters In Malaysia :Tomorrow is a Mystery
Penulis : Youventharan Duraisamy ; Editors: Mohamad Idris Ali, Noram Irwan Ramli, Rokiah Othman, Mohd Arif Sulaiman
No. Panggilan : 363.3409595 DIS M
Lokasi : Aras 7, Menara PNM, Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia
Rumusan : Disasters in Malaysia : Tomorrow is a mystery comprehensively explores the unique trend and complex impact of natural disasters in Malaysia. The chapters are logically structured, beginning with a general introduction that places subsequent chapters in the order of significance. The chapters were written mostly based on current data after the year 2000. For example, flood occurrence data from the year 2000 until 2015 was included in this book. Most importantly there is also data on number of casualties per year basis in Malaysia which is believed be the highlight of this book for reference. Preferably these data could be used as the secondary source of reference for research purpose and readily available for future studies on disaster in Malaysia. The chapters are rich in originality as there are citations from the authors own work on relevant issues. For example, chapters on peat land fire have incorporated the behavior of the soil that the authors have found out and published in articles previously. There are sections on the current policy when it comes to building on hills in Malaysia as outlined by Public Work Department. The details on the by-laws and constitutions of the relevant parties involving task of governmental and non-governmental agencies also included in some chapter. The post mitigation works and measures currently being practiced in Malaysia and agencies involved (and their scope of work) after a landslide incident are included. Some brief discussions and recommendation on how the government bodies should enforce some rules and policies to overcome the impact of disasters in the future are in some chapters. The chapters produced in its current form is certainly has high impact to this book. Disasters in Malaysia book is the ideal text for researchers, engineers, town planners and policy maker interested in landscaping the future of Malaysia under the new National Transformation (TN50) plan for the period of 2020 until 2050.

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