DHL : From Startup To Global Upstart

Tajuk : DHL : From Startup To Global Upstart
No. Panggilan : 387.7440973 CHU
Lokasi : Level 3, Anjung Bestari, National Library of Malaysia
Rumusan : DHL: From Startup to Global Upstart is the story of a startup that became the first worldwide logistics service organization, fighting regulation, trade restrictions, customs, and many other technical issues to develop processes that have stood the test of time to become the accepted norm in delivery throughout the world. It is a story of using "soft powers," persuasion, and ingenuity, working with, and around, emerging technologies to eliminate barriers to success. This book provides an extraordinary look into how a little startup with grit and perseverance succeeded in the face of overwhelming odds and revolutionized many of what are now accepted transportation and supply chain practices.

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