Giving Birth With Confidence 3rd Edition

Tajuk : Giving Birth With Confidence 3rd Edition
Penulis : Judith Lothian & Charlotte Devries
No. Panggilan : 618.2 LOT
Lokasi : Aras 3, Anjung Bestari, Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia
Rumusan :

For a Safe and Healthy Birth… Your Way! Giving Birth with Confidence will help take the mystery out of having a baby and help you better understand how your body works during pregnancy and childbirth, giving you the confidence to make decisions that best ensure the safety and health of you and your baby. Giving Birth with Confidence is the first and only pregnancy and childbirth guide written by Lamaze International, the leading childbirth education organization in North America. Written with a respectful, positive tone, this book presents:

  • Information to help you choose your maternity care provider and place of birth • Practical strategies to help you work effectively with your care provider .
  • Information on how pregnancy and birth progress naturally.
  • Steps you can take to alleviate fear and manage pain during labor.
  • The best available medical evidence to help you make informed decisions

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