Selected Issues In Hospitality & Tourism Sustainability

Tajuk : Selected Issues In Hospitality & Tourism Sustainability
Penulis : Hamimah Hassan,Hossein Nezakati
No. Panggilan : 338.4791072 SEL M
Lokasi : Aras 7, Menara PNM, Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia
Rumusan : This book focuses on research work undertaken in Hospitality and Tourism areas. The contents are selected from papers that were reviewed and accepted publication, hence providing a platform for researches including the post-graduate students to showcase their research works and exchange research ideas. It is the objective to highlight issues in tourism and hospitality in relations to sustainability, tourism product development and marketing strategies. As such, the book has 10 chapters that cover wide ranges of Hospitality and Tourism issues faced by organizations as well as policy makers.

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