Understanding Minecraft
Tajuk : Understanding Minecraft
Penulis : Garrelts, Nate
Penerbit : Mcfarland & Company
Tahun Penerbitan : 2014
Rumusan : Since its official release in 2011, Minecraft has sold over 48 million copies across all gaming platforms. The premise of Minecraft is simple: destroy, collect, build and interact in a world made entirely of colored cubes. Unlike Lego blocks or other construction toys, Minecraft's digital play space allows for virtually limitless creation without the cost and limitations of physical building materials. Developer Mojang's generous policies toward modification and other uses of their intellectual property also engender enthusiasm and creativity from fans who make music, art and animation inspired by the software. The first essays in this collection cover Minecraft's origins, describing its relationship to other video games and toys and examining the learning models implicit in its design. Later essays describe and theorize the various ways players interact with the software, which simultaneously presents them with structural constraints and limitless possibilities.
Nombor Panggilan : 794.8 UND
ISBN : 9781598572629
Lokasi : Aras 3, Anjung Bestari, Koleksi Luar Negara, Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia


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